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STUART HARDER CHARTING TEMPLATES (Excel-based Standard Celeration Charts)


Stuart Harder, Owen White, Scott Born

DISCLAIMER: The information on this site is presented on an "as is" basis, and does not claim to present definitive information, make recommendation or to represent such official bodies such as the Standard Celeration Society. Users of this site agree that the owner of the site or authors of pages and articles are indemnified against legal liability





IMPORTANT NOTES about the templates--Please READ BEFORE downloading.


Problems or Questions 

Stuart Harder has given permission for users to email him questions about the templates.

(If you don't have questions but find the templates useful, a note of thanks would be appreciated.)


If you have problems with the templates (can't open, crashes, incorrect operation)

please contact Stu Harder, and me so we are aware of issues, and can post a note on this site notifying others.


Please note

  • the file name of the template,
    • ex: SCCFB_dcpm_v7_3,
  • the version of Excel that you are using

    • ex: Excel 2003,

  • the operating system of your computer

    • ex: Windows XP, or

    • MacOS 8, and

  • SPECIFIC problems with the template,

    • ex: "Excel shuts down", or

    • "can't open file with "corrupted file" message", etc.


This helps Stu to figure out what might be the problem, and helps me in noting the specific problem. Thanks!




Issues and Incompatibilities 

  1. There is a possible incompatibility with Excel 2007 due to non support of the macro programming language.
    1. The templates so far work well with Excel 2003.
  2. Incompatibility with Open Access Spreadsheets
    1. The Excel Charting templates are NOT compatible with OpenOffice Calc, and will not perform or chart correctly if used with that application.
      1. This is due to incompatibilities in visual basic language used in the macro programming of OpenOffice vs. Microsoft applications.



The Standard Celeration Chart: Instruction Manual for the Excel Template (3/11/09)


LARGE FILE (8 Mb): Please right-click and SAVE file.




Latest versions of the templates (12/15/08; 6/14/07 for 0.1-100,000 SCCFB_ycpy_v7_1.xls )


Note from Stuart Harder,


"...Version 7-3 of the


  • daily per minute,
  • stacked dots daily per minute
  • daily per day,
  • weekly per week,
  • monthly per month,
  • yearly per year


are all upgraded with the fix.


I also updated a routine users may not have known about. This routine removes the connecting lines between data points that border phase change lines.


  • To remove connecting lines, invoke Control+Shift+K (Windows) or Command+Option+Shift+K (Mac).
  • To reverse the process, invoke Control+Shift+J (Windows) and Command+Option+Shift+J (Mac).


Be sure to do this before removing phase lines as the the program needs to know where to look for the disconnected data points.


There may be test data in the template. Clear before using"



Daily Count per Minute SCCFB dcpm v7-3.xls (like Dpmin-11DC DAILY per minute chart)



LARGE FILE (2.2Mb): Please right-click and SAVE file

Daily Count per Minute




Updated Stacked Dots, NOW Multiple Frequencies SCCFB(mf)(dcpm)v7-3.xls



LARGE FILE (4.3 Mb): Please right-click and SAVE file

 Updated Stacked Dots Chart,NOW Multiple Frequencies daily counts per minute




Daily Count per Day SCCFB dcpd v7-3a.xls (like Dpday-2EC DAILY per day)



LARGE FILE (2.0 Mb): Please right-click and SAVE file

Daily Count per day




Weekly Count per Week SCCFB wcpw v7-3.xls (like  Wpwk-3EC WEEKLY per week)



LARGE FILE (2.2 Mb): Please right-click and SAVE file

Weekly Count per Week




Monthly Count per Month SCCFB mcpm v7-3.xls (like Mpmon-3EC MONTHLY per month)



LARGE FILE (2.1 Mb): Please right-click and SAVE file

Monthly Count per Month



Yearly Count per Year 1-1,000,000 SCCFB ycpy v7-3.xls (like YC-1EN YEARLY per year)


To display yearly counts where zero counts are not anticipated. This template is scaled from 1 to 1,000,000.


LARGE FILE (2.1 mb): Please right-click and SAVE file

Yearly Count per Year. 1-1,000,000




Yearly Count per Year 0.1-100,000 SCCFB_ycpy_v7_1.xls


Based on a six-cycle scale of .1 to 100,000. Use this template to display data with zero-count years as the template will place zero counts just below the record floor. (The record floor is usually set at 1.0 unless partial data years are present)


LARGE FILE (2.0 Mb): Please right-click and SAVE file

Yearly Count per Year. 0.1-100,000**





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3/11/09: Manual added by Stu Harder
Nice Stu--perfect.
3/11/09 Header for Manual changed from "Normal" to "Header3" to show up in Table of Contents, and font color to RED to accentuate from the rest of the text by RGCF

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Possible FAQ, IF there is a need to unlock a page, per a 5/10/10 question and reply by Stu Harder.
1. Start fresh. On the Progress Record page, click the green button and clear the entire workbook of its data. The start over.
2. An alternative. On the Progress Record page, click the button to clear the raw data.
3. A final alternative. Unlock the Progress Record page with Cntl+Option+U (Command+Option+Shift+U on a Mac).

Please be certain you a attempting to enter data in the correct cells of the Progress Record page. You should be entering data in columns E, F, and G only.

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