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Excel Chart Chronology

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This chronology is historical more than practical, but the purpose is to give a pointer to the various templates that have been developed and shared via the SCListserv, Scott Born's former webpage or otherwise posted on the web. The goal is to define those that are obsolete or unusable and which are the most current versions.

Note: The SClistserv links contain the explanation of changes to the template; the majority contain the archived template at the bottom of the post.


Excel Template Chronology--historical

Table best viewed with window in full expansion.


DateSCListserv linkDescriptionAuthor/Editornotestatus
22 June 2007SCCFB dcpm v7-2.xlsdaily per minuteStu Harderchart for Absolute Mean Ratiocurrently betaPOSTED 
14 June 2007?
14 June 2007?
14 June 2007?
14 June 2007?
14 June 2007?
14 June 2007?
14 June 2007?
14 June 2007?
14 June 2007?
14 June 2007?
14 June 2007?SCCFB_ycpy_1__v7_1.xlsyearly per yearStu Harder1 to 1,000,000current June 2007 POSTED
14 June 2007?SCCFB_ycpy_v7_1.xlsyearly per yearStu Harder.1 to 100,000.current June 2007 POSTED
14 June 2007?SCCFB_dcpd_v7_1.xlsdaily per dayStu Hardercurrent June 2007 POSTED
14 June 2007?SCCFB_wcpw_v7_1.xlsweekly per weekStu Hardercurrent June 2007 POSTED
14 June 2007?SCCFB_mcpm_v7_1.xlsmonthly per monthStu Hardercurrent June 2007 POSTED
21 Jan 2007SCCFB(mdf) (dcpw)v6-0b.xlsStacked dots/daily per weekStu Hardercurrent June 2007 LINK (left click)
21 Jan 2007SCCFB(mdf) (dcpmpw)v6-0c.xlsStacked dots/median/daily per weekStu Hardernewcurrent June 2007LINK(left click)
12 Dec 2006SCCFB dcpm v6-0c(2).xlsStacked dots/daily per min.Stu HarderAdds Fisher’s exact probabilitycurrent June 2007 LINK (left click)
7 Dec 2006SCCFB dcpm v6-0c.xlsStacked dots/daily per min.Stu Hardernew statistical testscurrent June 2007 LINK (left click)
22 Jul 2006SCCFB(mf) (dcpm) v6-0a.xlsImproved Stack Dots/daily per minuteStu HardernewMAJOR BUG-NO GOOD
17 Jan 2005SCCFBdcpm v4-9c.xls.xlsdaily per minute Stu Harder fix
13 Jan 2005SCCFBdcpm v4-9c.xlsdaily per minuteStu HarderBUG
19 Feb 2004SCCFB.dcpm v4-4.xlsdaily per minuteStu Harderfix
19 Feb 2004SCCFB.cpw v4-4.xlsdaily per weekStu Harderbeta upgrade?
19 Feb 2004SCCFB.cpd v4-4.xlsdaily per dayStu Harderbeta upgrade?
16 Feb 2004SCCFB.dcpm 4-3.XLTdaily per minuteStu Harder Upgrade fr: 4.2Prob w/Mac
14 Feb 2004SCCFB.dcpm V4.2.XLTdaily per minuteStu Harderobsolete
SCCFB.dpmin.VRF v31.xlsdaily per minute?
20 Feb 2003SCC_Successive_v1-1successive timingsScott Born, Stu HarderTimings chart'seems to work, but limited'
19 Feb 2003SCCFBdpm_VRF v2.39daily per minuteScott, Born Stu Hardervariable floors?
15 Feb 2003SCCFBdpm v4.3daily per minuteScott Born, Stu Harderaccel. & bounce calc?
12 Feb 2003SCCFBdpd v2.37daily per dayScott Born, Stu Harderaccel. & bounce calc?
12 Feb 2003SCCFB v2.36weekly per weekScott Born, Stu Harderaccel. & bounce calc?
3 Feb 2003Std_Chrt_Template_v47daily per minuteScott Born, Stu Harderbasic'seems to work, but limited'
29 Jan 2003SCCFB_SD_dpm v1.6 SCCStacked dots/daily per minuteScott Born, Stu Harderaccel. & bounce calc?
2 Jan 2003SCCFB.Stack Dots v1.0stacked dots/daily per minute Stu Harder Excel 98 or betterproblems
1 Dec 2002SCCFB.cpday.v2.xltdaily per dayStu Harderobsolete
1 Dec 2002SCCFB.cpmonth.v2.xltmonthly per monthStu Harderobsolete
1 Dec 2002SCCFB.cpyear.v2.xltyearly per yearStu Harderobsolete
1 Dec 2002SCCFB.cpminute v2.xltdaily per minuteStu Harder?
24 Mar 2002DPMin SCC Excel Templatedaily per minuteScott Born?
4 Jun 2001Std Chrt Excel Template v3-r9.xltrelease candidate "v.4"Scott Born?
13 May 2001Std Chrt Excel Template v3-r2.xltRevised White Std ChartScott Born?
20 Apr 2001Std Chrt Template v.3 (5/95)White Std ChartOwen WhiteVer.saved Win5/95obsolete
17 Apr 2001Std Chrt Excel Template v.3White Std ChartOwen Whiteobsolete
<2001MEXT-7SCCBobWorshamExcel 95/better Mac OSobsolete



DateSCListserv linkDescriptionAuthor/Editornotestatus
2Dec2002 SCCFB.cpminute v2     
1Dec2002 SCCFB.cpyear v2
1Dec2002 SCCFB.cpmonth v2
1Dec2002 SCCFB.cpweek v2
1Dec2002 SCCFB.cpday v2
1Dec2002SCCFB.cpminute v2



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